I am walking down Madison Avenue when a beautiful middle eastern table catches my eye in a small window. The sign says ALKAYHAT and that the store is located one flight up on the second floor of the building. I am immediately intrigued. Even though I am ten minutes late for my next appointment, I just have to check it out. Could be a great new source and I wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity!

Upstairs, I walk into a loft like space filled with Syrian furniture and accessories. I am fascinated instantly and ask the owner for information about everything.

It turns out that ALKAYHAT makes their own furnishings, so you can make a custom piece that fits your space…that is always a big plus!¬† In addition is has an extensive selection of antique cabinets and tables to pick from. I adore the tables and mirrors made from wood and mother of pearl, and think they¬† would be terrific as accent pieces in a living room or den or small bedroom…just put one of them next a lovely chair and you’ll make dezign magic.

I am also totally enamored with the lighting fixtures that are designed by ALKAYHAT. The glass is exquisite and the design totally modern…And you won’t see these anywhere else. How fabulous is that?

As you know I am a firm exponent of eclectic interior design...simply can’t stand when a room looks like it came together all in one moment. Have the courage to mix it up and toss in something from a far away place… whether your bent is contemporary or traditional. Live a little on the wild side. You’ll thank me one day!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!