Two weeks ago I had a three day design whirlwind visiting great showrooms and design spaces and touring  downtown New York City thanks to the NEW YORK METRO CHAPTER OF ASID.  They call this event Design Walk and

it is held each year in different parts of the city. Great Big News: It’s totally free!!!

Here’s the gig:  You get the opportunity to visit many of your favorite design sources and lots of unknown sources with a small group of like minded interior designers and receive  up front and personal tours from the  people in  the know. Sounds pretty okay to me.

Erica Puccio and me at Stone Source

The days are packed with events and one place after the other to visit. Along  the way you will be treated to everything from breakfast to cupcakes to cocktails, and get the opportunity to learn something about a whole lot of everything  that will serve you well in your design career.

Uon Uon Porcelain Tile at Stone Source

Design Walk was broken up into three days  so I am breaking my blog up into three posts.  If you want the full day’s schedule please go here:   http://asidnymetro.org/designwalk/ .

Since I couldn’t attend everything,  I carefully selected what I wanted to review and visit…perfectly acceptable incidentally.  However, if I was you, I would make note of all the stops on the tour and try and high tail it over to each and every one of them some time this Fall…all are great resources!

Ribbon Glass Counter Tops from Stone Source

I started the day with a breakfast and lecture at Stone Source.  They really have some of the most scrumptious looking tile, stone and wood I have seen in a long time.  I was quite impressed with several porcelain tiles, in particular  a glazed porcelain tile called UonUon which comes in more colors than the rainbow and takes its inspiration from Andy Warhol’s screened art. Definitely going to use this in a future project.

Hafele Showroom

Then I saw a glass counter top material called Ribbon Glass. It is totally handcrafted and composed of 30% recycled glass…yea! The “ribbon” comes from a series of fused colored glass pieces which ripple through the material. Talk about really beautiful…OMG!

I also picked up some serious information from Erica Puccio on the nature of different stones and now words like “foliated”, “metamorphic”, “igneous”, “feldspar”, and “gneiss” roll off my tongue like a pro when discussing counter tops for kitchens.

Hafele Showroom


Next top for me on the tour was Hafele.  I have always been a big fan of their hardware products and have been specifying  them for umpteen years in kitchens, bathrooms and furniture I design.  There were a couple of new items…like a desk that converts to a bed, and buttons that easily open cabinets and move  under counter lights that caught my eye, plus the most beautiful sliding thick glass doors that operated on Hafele’s hardware.

I had a chance to speak with the manager, who brought me up to date with where Hafele  is in the product market today. I also ran into a gentleman named the Silver Fox…hmmmm, very interesting, no?… who makes the absolutely, most outrageous puzzles you have ever seen which are on display in the showroom right now.

Grohe Showroom

My last stop for day was at Grohe America.  They now have their own showroom in New York City and I must admit seeing it all together in one place was quite impressive. 

Grohe offers several different price levels for plumbing fixture lines and I have often found them to be a great product when a client doesn’t want to overspend on this aspect of the project.

Grohe Showroom

For sure, they have cornered the market on shower heads and Susan Cozzi, the showroom manager,  gave me a great demo on the best of the best of these. I personally am a big fan of a strong and powerful water massage shower head any day. No drip, drip, drip for me!




Just to round out the first day’s events I thought I would treat you to a short video of me having a perfectly fabu time during Design Walk




Well, today was a great beginning.  Ready to take on Day #2 tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the next post which will fill you in on all of the nitty-gritty of the second day.