No one would disagree with me that a beautiful pair of legs on a woman can make a big difference in how she is perceived and how she carries herself … And need we not forget to mention that long legs have been a symbol of sexiness since the beginning of time … well definitely since Betty Grable! Now see if you can segue to the thought that furniture “legs” can make an immense difference in how a piece of furniture looks.



Actually, the truth be told, I am of the opinion that beautiful legs on a piece of furniture can make the difference between ho- hum and
MAMAMÍA (please say the latter with emphasis!)

I am like a moth to a light when I see furniture designed with quirky legs. It’s like a woman putting on a great pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos…the furniture just becomes a show stopper in my mind and my DEZIGNLICIOUS juices start flowing.
So take a look at the “gams” I found being produced by a creative company called  HOUSE OF HABITAT. You can’t argue about their beauty. I mean the shapes are definitely sexy and the materials luscious. Matter of fact, the leather and adorned legs are made in Italy by the same people that make fashion products for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Prada…these are definitely not your ordinary “legs!”  I mean talk about a status symbol!!!

You place them on the bottom of any ordinary occasional chair or night stand or dresser and the furniture will start to dance… trust me on this one!

Love to death the faceted lucite, the crystal beaded and the “Genie” bronze legs! And now take a peak at the boudoir chairs being produced by House of Habit … It is PRETTY WONDERFUL… I’m ready to throw out my bedroom chair and replace it with this sexy lady ( Bet you are too!)


Ciao, Ciao ’til  Monday!