I have the very good fortune to be a member of the Acquisitions Committee at the Museum of Arts and Design  ( aka MAD ) here in New York City. As a result, I have the privilege  of getting to meet first hand a host of talented

artists who are at the forefront of the art world and integrate unique technical  skills into their work.  As a creative person myself, I am always highly impressed with that place that the mind and soul can take one when you have passionate artistic visions. Today’s visionary artists employ techniques unlike anything seen before to achieve their artistic goals.


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At one of our last meetings at MAD I had the pleasure of listening to Richard Dupont discuss his art…what drives him to create his human forms, that are part realistic, part creatures from another world. I was extremely impressed with the painstaking steps involved in creating his pieces and the complicated thought processes behind all of his creativity.


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Dupont is inspired by the anthropological form of the human body and it’s archaeological origins. He purposely distorts his bodies so that they do not look like duplications but represent different aspects of the same humanoid. His medium is polyurethane and resin and his tools are the latest technological devises available, such as body scanners and computers.


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Dupont is making comments about basic human nature  with his highly realistic, but totally unadorned and distorted human  bodies. He is commenting on how we, as the human species, inhabit social spaces.  Seeing a grouping of his “humans” filling up an art gallery floor or table is indeed thought provoking…and isn’t that what good art is supposed to do?


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To a certain degree, his work is reminiscent to me of the tall, thin figures that Giacometti formed out of metal…awesome, misshapen and realistic all at the same time.  I am also mesmerized by the detailing in his over sized resin heads…what an oh-so-clever way to visualize the complexity of the human mind thought processes in action.


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Dupont has an impressive background, having studied art and archeology at Princeton University before turning his attention 100% to his career as a sculptor.  He has been in numerous exhibitions, including  the Armory Art Show in 2009 and the Lever House exhibition space in 2008…both outstanding exhibitions which I attended…as well as top museums across the country.


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This coming fall there will be an exhibit at MAD called “Out of Hand”, which focuses on artists like Dupont, who integrate current technology to create their art, subsequently entering a whole new realm of creativity, one the museum is calling “sculptural fantasy.” This is a significant perspective to ponder, as, with out a doubt, we are all dealing with the insidious creeping of technology into every little aspect of our daily lives.


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!