Artist: Michelle Williams

Here I am  at Pier 92 in New York City at THE ARTIST PROJECT •NEW YORK… Blogging LIVE! This is my first gig as OFFICIAL  PRESS and I love it! You may not have heard about this show before, and  no doubt, we are inundated with tons of different art shows here in the city, but I think you should definitely put it on your list  if you are an art lover.

Artist: Joanne Williams

The show is a ‘must visit’ if you are interested in emerging talent as well as seasoned artists. Plus the price range starts as low as $500 and goes up to $30,000, so there is something for everyone.

Artist: Joan Giordano

Like every art show it has great and ordinary … my evaluation , of course , but what I love about this one … which I need to mention is a juried exhibit…is the excitement of discovering quality artists that are possibly the future stars of the art world.  All of the artists are in attendance and you get the opportunity to discuss one on one with them about their techniques and inspirations…something I always find fascinating.

Artist: Zane Turner

I want you to be able to see all of my favorites ( aside from the artists above) so here are a bunch of photos of other outstanding pieces I saw on my prowl through the show:

Artist: Michel Delgado

Artist: Nissim Ben Aderet

Artist: Todd Alexander

Artist: Tamar Hirschl

Artist: Yvette Kaiser Smith

Artist: Kilu

Artist: Armando Pedroso

Artist: Michael Rollins

Artist: Adam Colangelo

Artist: France Goneau

Artist: Genie Maples

Artist: Lori Dell

There is plenty to feast your eyes on, but promise yourself not to miss these talented artists because I am sure you will hear more about them.  By the by, the show runs only until Sunday and would be a great way to spend a New York City weekend.

Ciao, ciao ’til Tuesday!