Okay, if you have been following me you know I have a thing about shopping bags. Although I have commented in the past about the cleverness of some bags, there really are only two things that matter: One, they should be recyclable. Two they should be recyclable. And in some instances , you should bring your own!


So today I thought I might do a brief post on the terrific bag pictured above because it has it all. But first some details:

The store is Salerancio, and it is located in Via Risorgimento in Santa Marina, Salina, Italy… a tiny island in the Eolian Islands, off of Sicily. So basically we are outside the curve, as we are on a tiny island, but inside because it is a part of Italy…hope that’s not too confusing.
I am on one my shopping jaunts where I am determined not to purchase anything, but give in and buy some pumice soap…a specialty of the island…for my husband. The salesperson places the soap in this delightful shopping bag constructed totally out of recycled REAL newspaper. How clever is that? Prior to that moment, I had seen larger similar bags hanging from some exotic iron hooks in the store and was considering purchasing one since they were so cute!

I give this little lady a 10+ for functionality, beauty, and sustainability. What’s your opinion?

AND as if adorable bag wasn’t the ‘cat’s meow’, here is another cloth bag given to me with a purchase which says it all:

P.S. Just for the record, in the supermarkets in Rome they don’t give you a bag, plastic or otherwise!!
The Europeans are definitely miles ahead of us when it comes to integrating “green living” into our daily habits.

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!