I have been searching for several months for a wonderful painting of a nude for good clients of mine to complete their bedroom decor.  We’ve been looking for something contemporary with a special twist.  Now people are very particular about what they consider the appropriate version of a nude female body in art, so this is not always an easy task.  When I came upon this series of photographs by SOPHIE DELAPORTE simply called “NUDES”, presently being exhibited at the SOUS LES ETOILES GALLERY in NYC,  I thought how very chic and imaginative her work was, and that this just might be the ticket for my clients.


DELAPORTE lives in Paris and New York, and her background is in fashion photography, but her skills well exceed this domain.  Her “nude ladies” are quietly communicating  feminine beauty  and emotion which is then subtly  augmented by the fabric draped around their nude bodies.  DELAPORTE projects  sexuality and passion in this  work, and exhibits a contemporary artistic sensibility that is really outstanding.

This exhibit is “A MUST GO AND SEE” if you want to get the full depth and creativity of DELAPORTE. It is always exciting to see fresh talent that thinks out of the box and is able to find yet another way to interpret and portray a classical concept in art. Definitely check out her exhibit which will be at the gallery until November 5th….you just might find the perfect ‘nude” for your room!