Some place in my recent travels I came across the name of the Galerie Gosserez in Paris.  Since I am always moving about at a rapid speed trying to fit 25 hours into a 24 hour day I unfortunately

do not remember the source.  Nevertheless, I am forever grateful that my memory brought it to mind, as I am  quite excited to share this French find with you today.


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Galerie Gosserez is filled to the brim with fabulous contemporary furniture designs that I have never seen before. They seem to have an “A List” of new and wonderful designers from Europe and I think when you see the pictures of the different pieces I have chosen to highlight today you will definitely agree with me.


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Basically, that is what is so fantastic about contemporary furniture because it permits so much artistic freedom with absolutely no restrictions on materials.  All that matters is that it functions…somewhat…and that it be visibly appealing to a majority of people.  Actually, even a majority isn’t really necessary. For long lasting success it is imperative  that the furniture design  possess a timelessness, a rather ethereal quality that somehow emerges as the years pass. How many designs from the 50’s. 60’s, 70’s. etc. still look outrageous in spaces…maybe even better than they looked originally.


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Anyway, let me give you the credo of Galerie Gosserez:  “Rare, but functional, original and contemporary…..a showroom dedicated to the new generation of international designers that today make the trend of furniture design in Europe.” The collection is exclusive to Galerie Gosserez and everything displayed is signed.

Here are a few of the superb designers and my favorite pieces by them:


"Ursule" / Elise Gabriel

“Ursule” / Elise Gabriel


French designer Elise Gabriel integrates an unique electrical process behind the “Ursule” ceiling fixture. As you notice there are no wires visible on the fixture. The “ladle-like”objects are made of china biscuit and contain LED lighting. Apparently china biscuit conducts electricity which is then sent to the corian rings and then up the leather straps which conceal the wiring and hold the rings in place to the ceiling box.  Everything is designed this way to create an illusion of lightness and simplicity. The innovation combined with the original design behind this stunning light is simply amazing.


"Coffee Table"/ Daphna Laurens

“Coffee Table”/ Daphna Laurens


The design team of Daphna Laurens  from the Netherlands played around with the circle concept until they came up with this clever idea for a coffee table. It has movement, whimsey and intelligence behind it’s design which I adore.  According to their design statement they chose to pursue the “form” of the object first and then follow it with refining the “function.” Don’t you just love their defiance of practicability?  So, so boring when you just stay between the lines!


"Vase No. 9" / Sacha Walckhoff

“Vase No. 9” / Sacha Walckhoff


Sacha Walckhoff is artistic director of Christian Lacroix (see post) and this series of vases are an independent venture on his part.  When I look at these vases it seems to me that the bulls are actually struggling to vacate the cylinder. The bulls represent symbols of power and divinity to Walckhoff but they are not bloody, snorting animals that one associates with a bullfight.  They are peaceful and kindly and symbolic of higher thought.  So much going on here!  So much thought given to creation of a simple vase. So much wonderfulness!


"Archibird" / Gregoire de Lafforest

“Archibird” / Gregoire de Lafforest


The story behind this piece is lovely.  Grégoire de Lafforest, the designer, chose to create a piece of furniture that integrated a console with bird cages, a rather unusual design concept. In this way he felt he was putting the birds on stage and they would be more a part of the interiors.  The piece has a lovely airy feeling and actually functions as a real bird cage…it can be opened to clean it and has a water pool and a place for the food.  Imagine the lucky birds that live in this high class of luxury!


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These are but a few of the wonderful pieces to be found at Galerie, Gosserez.  There are so many more that merit your attention so do not fail to check everything out on the web site.  Too bad they are located in Paris. Or maybe this is just one more reason to hop on a plane and visit that divine city!


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Au revoir jusqu’à la prochaine fois!