The great thing about writing a blog is that many people in various design industries reach out to you looking for help in getting their message out. I am a staunch believer in vetting what I write about…if I don’t think it is a worthy product, event, cause, etc. you will not

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Amy Helfand Area Rug with the GoodWeave label

Every once and awhile I receive a request that I just must respond to positively because  I think it is a message that in more ways than one needs to be disseminated in the dezign world. Such it is with the good works being done at GoodWeave and especially since their Annual Giveaway is about to end and you just mustn’t miss the fanatastic prize  awaiting you if luck is in your corner this go-round!

Carin Lang rug with the GoodWeave label

Let’s start with telling you all about GoodWeave.  I think you need to know something about this significant organization and why you should be supporting them at this moment.They are an organization with a very simple and yet complicated mission:”GoodWeave works to end child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in Nepal, India and Afghanistan.”

In order to accomplish their goal of rescuing the some 250,000 children forced into slave labor in the carpet industry, they have encouraged partnerships with numerous carpet companies around the world which support their philosophy and goals.  All of these companies are committed to producing carpets without forced child labor and carry a GoodWeave label so you, as the consumer, know you are purchasing a carpet made under these circumstances.

Bennett Bean rug with the GoodWeave labelt

Emma Gardner rug with GoodWeave label

GoodWeave also carries out inspections and monitoring programs, often making surprise appearance to licensed manufactures to confirm their are no children working on the looms.  Any children they discover working in these factories are rescued and rehabilitated and then enrolled in an educational program or given vocational training.

Through a campaign they call One in a Million  they have partnered up with leading shelter magazines and media sites to get the word out there about their good deeds.  Plus, all of the carpet companies that bear the GoodWeave Label on their products…and this list is quite extensive…donate part of their profits to the organization.  You can actually go on line, browse the carpets from different companies, select an exquisite area rug and purchase it knowing it is GoodWeave certified!

GoodWeave is always having giveaways as a way to get their message out to the big wide world and this brings me back to this year’s Annual Giveaway  which  you definitely should not let pass you by.This is a  wonderful opportunity to do some good in the world and end up with a gorgeous area rug for your house.


Close up of “Fruits of Labor” by Milton Glaser for GoodWeave

THE BIG KAHUNA/PRIZE this year is an unusually beautiful rug  called “Fruits of Labor,” designed by Milton Glaser, the famous graphic designer, for Lapchi Collection.  For as little as one $25 raffle ticket you can become eligible to win this 8′ X 10″ hand knotted silk and wool rug from Nepal which retails for $12,800!!!!  To find out more about this super-duper-fabu event check it out at here at the Annual Giveaway page of their site.

My inside source says that the giveaway  will close down the raffle by October 6, so don’t delay!

AND for those of you that want a few more choices for those other spaces in your home you must go to the Purchase a Rug tab on the website.

The Rug Company rug with GoodWeave label

AND for my fellow interior designers, simply download the PDF  Source Book to have a great catalogue up front and central on your computer. This way, the next time you need to specify a rug for a client  you can reach out to one of the marvelous companies that are on board with the GoodWeave philosophy and campaign  and contribute in a positive way to end child labor in the carpet industry.

Before I close, here are a few pictures of the children that have benefited from the GoodWeave program. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words…