Where in the world would you sunbathe in New York City in a fur coat? Yes, you can do that! One very cold, but sunny day in December, after a super delicious brunch at my favorite haunt, CAPSUOTO FRERES in Tribeca, I convinced my husband that the time had come to do the deed, and take a stroll along the newly renovated High Line in downtown Manhattan. ( Ed.Note: For those concerned about the fur coat this one is totally PC/ recycled!)

Well, the trees are a bit barren, but the crowds are still there…including the lovers, bird feeders, runners, foodies, ice skaters, and a whole bevy of other people out to enjoy the best that New York City has to offer. My initial take is that the walk is super-duper wonderful…even in the freezing cold!

You’ve heard about the fantastic architecture that surrounds, covers, leans and is literally the sides of the walkway….all of which only adds to its fabulousness. I was wondering what it would be like to live so close to a place where there are constant pedestrians ogling at your apartment, especially since so many of the buildings are designed with floor to ceiling windows…Hmmm?


1. The stadium bench seating set up facing a glass wall that allows you to sit and take in the traffic…or go right up to the glass and feel like you are floating above the avenue…verrrrry cool concept.

2. The ice skating rink located just below the walkway…obviously a winter feature only.

3. The way-out bird feeders that look like some contemporary art sculpture.

QUICK HISTORY: The High Line was designed to lift dangerous freight train traffic off the streets of Manhattan and was completed in 1934. It was constructed so that the trains could travel right inside warehouses and factories and ran from West 34th Street to Gansevoort Street. No longer deemed useful, the last train made its final delivery of three carloads of frozen turkeys in 1980! After much public debate with property owners seeking to tear it down and a residents group called “Friends of the High Line” fighting to reclaim it as a public park, construction began in April of 2006, under the tutelage of James Corner Field Operations and Diller, Scofido + Renfro. The project is completed from Gansevoort Street to West 30th Street and opened to the public with rave reviews from one and all.

No detail has been overlooked….sexy benches, food vendors, awesome plantings, serene locations to relax and take in the architecture. Even the end has two old train cars painted in an unexpected zebra like pattern! It is totally worth the stroll, at any time during the year.


IMPORTANT INFO: The park is owned by the City, but 90% funded by the “Friends of the High Line”. They are now working on extending the preservation of the West Side Rail Yards, the last part of the original High Line, which extends to Twelfth Avenue and West 33rd Street. The work of this organization validates the high importance of private citizens in maintaining the quality and excellence of life in my beloved New York City. Check them out on line and you will find several ways to support their good work!