It almost sounds oxymoronic to use the word luxurious with the word hospital, but a few months back I had read in the New York Times about the latest trend in “Hospital Decor”…not high on the “A” list when it comes to interior decoration…to provide wealthy patients with

hotel-like accommodations and amenities during their stay in some of the better hospitals around the world.


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Luxury Suite in Perth, Australia Hospital


I came across the article again recently while rummaging through my pile of all things wild and wonderful that I want to write about on DEZIGNLICIOUS and started to do some investigation on the Internet. I was totally flabbergasted by the number of hospitals around the world that offer similar rooms and services to their affluent patients.


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Private Hospital in New Delhi, India


Let me get specific.  We are talking about bed linens by Frette, marble bathrooms and gourmet meals cooked by special chefs and a cost per day to the patient of anywhere from $1000 upwards to $3800!


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Chic Lounge Area in Hospital for Deluxe Suites


The article in the Times was quite eye opening.   Imagine checking in to one of these VIP  suites and having concierge services  and a butler to wait on you and delicious food on demand, plus  luxurious spaces to lounge and relax when you wanted to stroll outside of your room.


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Lenox Hill Hospital Luxury Maternity Suite


Of course, you may remember the  big brouhaha when Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby girl was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in one of the “executive suites” and other patients complained about the restrictions imposed on them by the high security measures the hospital allowed the couple to implement while she was there.  Incidentally, hospitals, like Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles charge $3784 a night for the “ultimate in pampering” in their maternity suites.


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Concierge Service in V.I.P. Amenities Section of a Hospital


Believe it or not there is actually an industry called Medical Tourism that provides people with the ability to shop around the world for the best medical accommodations in different countries and where you can purchase Health and Wellness Guides for different cities!  Do I sound amazed?  Well, I am really astounded, but I guess I was just behind the curve on this one.


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Marble Bathroom in New Delhi, India Private Hospital


So, now, as a talented interior designer, what do I think about the decor of these rooms and spaces?  Well, they are definitely 1000 times better looking than the average room…and 10 times larger, with couches and cocktail tables lounging areas and maybe wood paneling or colorful wallpaper and beautiful bedding. Oh, did I forget to mention the large flat screen TVs that come with some of the rooms? The interesting thing is that they are allowed to up scale everything in the attempt  to simulate someone’s home and a luxurious bedroom suite,  but the bed must remain a hospital bed.


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Deluxe Suite in Hospital


Upon reflecting on this niche market of the business I don’t think it would be for me.  I’m a bit hospital-phobic and have always been so.  But I must admit I was completely fascinated reading about this new marketplace. Of course, one cannot forget the social commentary this makes about the ‘haves and have-nots.’  What’s your take on it all?


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Ciao, ciao til next time!