I fortunately had an invite to the opening of the new and better than ever NYC METRO SHOW, which opened Wednesday night, January 16. Too bad if you weren’t there because

the buzz of the crowd was infectious and rightly so. The crowds were five deep in front of every dealer display, which says something about the quality of the event.

Calvin & Ruby Black / CARL HAMMER GALLERY


What I adore most about the event this year is that they are mixing it up a bit more. Originally a show concentrating on American Folk Art, they’ve  thrown in some contemporary artisans and photographers as well as pre Colombian delights, and some other goodies…and everything is deliciously exciting.







Rare Iron Snake / JUST FOLK

I arrived not expecting to love a ton of things, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of unique pieces that caught my eye and before I knew it my camera was clicking away! Carolyn Kerrigan Learch, the Fair Director, writes about the “anything goes” approach to collecting and I am right on board with that…great is great, and there is no two ways about it!


I was enthralled by so many different pieces that I hardly know where to begin. I doubt that I can include all my “I love this so much I wish I could take it homes,” but here are a few fabu finds to whet your appetite:

“Red Couch, Havana, 2010” Michael Eastman/ BARRY FRIEDMAN LTD



Collection of 26 Industrial Aluminum Hard Hats/ Indonesia / RICCO/ARESCAL GALLERY


“New Age Basket” No. 7, 2010/ CAVIN-MORRIS GALLERY


Okay, that’s all for now. Don’t want to ruin all the other fantastic surprises you will discover at the show, which by the way is only opened until January 22.  So get yourself over to the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City this weekend before it closes down.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.