One evening my husband and I were out dining with some very good friends at a “Pop-up Restaurant” in Soho… this, for those of you not in the know, is the latest craze in fine dining in New York City. Over dinner I mention my desire to purchase a painting for one of my clients from a Russian artist I think is really talented named Ilya Zomb, and,  to my surprise, it turns out my friend and Ilya are old pals! Now you know I asked for a personal introduction! There is something extremely fascinating about visiting an artist in their studio and listening to them discuss their work. Due to my travel schedule my visit is scheduled for next month , but I have just got to tell you more about this intriguing artist and to share some of his brilliant work.


Zomb has a particularly unique style that is both theatrical and mythical at the same time. His technique is especially fascinating to me because the paintings are extremely finely executed and I simply adore the surreallistic dream like quality they possess.

Ballerinas , gigantic fruit, zebras and elephants juxtaposed in unlikely positions are magically illustrated under his brush. Fantasy and reality dance around each other on his canvases celebrating life and its constantly changing horizons. Adjectives like meditative, sumptuous, chimerical and poignant come to mind when viewing the paintings.

Zomb  has been fortunate to be well received by the art community for many years. When he has a private show at a gallery his work often is scoffed up by collectors before the opening! For those of you not able to spend the big bucks he does have an edition of  cicle prints that are somewhat more affordable.


Put Ilya Zomb on your ” must go see his next art show” list, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!