There is nothing like a little shiny metal to sparkle up the design of a room.  I am a believer that when used discretely it can really zsazs up a space in a highly sophisticated manner. So imagine my delight one day while I was shopping with a client at F.J.HAKIMIAN

for area rugs that I discovered their exquisite line of metal rugs and fabrics. They are simply the real McCoy: sophisticated, elegant, subtle and gorgeous!


These materials are highly unique and unbeatable for dezign originality. Let’s start with the area rugs, as that is what first caught my eye.


Imagine a whole area rug spun out of metal threads of your choice…sounds like something out of a fairy tale, right? The whole concept began when Joe Hakimian, on one of his trips around the world to find new and interesting ideas for his  rug company, was introduced to  weaving with agave and metal at an event in Colombia, South America, and has  subsequently grown into a customized  line of marvelous products.

F.J.HAKIMIAN makes an awesome patchwork antique kilim rug, and will sew the pieces together with the metal threads…which is drop dead gorgeous… or add a silver embroidered design panel as a sumptuous accent. The contrast of the soft, neutral tone kilims ( which were originally hand -made pieces woven from sheep by Persian women for their dowries)and the metal weaving is the ultimate yin and yang of good design.


Let’s talk about the metallic fabrics, which are really something else. They have an inner elegance that separates them from the ordinary line of fabrics filling up the design market.  F.J.HAKIMIAN mixes the metals with wood, cotton, polyester, abaca,, silk, horsehair…you name it…in order to achieve just the proper look for windows and blinds or wall covering.  I promise you that you will not see anything like them out in the market today.


In case you want to read some more about these metal weaves, please check out a post by a fellow blogger of mine, INTERIORS MONOLOGUE. The writer is from London, so I guess the beauty of these fabrics and rugs has already traveled across the Atlantic.  Hard to keep a good thing for your self, but I think that’s great!