I want to start out the 2012 season with a real dezign zinger and get your dezign juices flowing…this certainly got mine going when I saw it. Can you imagine having a kitchen constructed totally out of glass…counters, sink, cook top, shelves, you name it?

How perfectly simple is that? When I saw this highly unusual kitchen at DDC last week I let out with a big OMG…who could have designed something so absolutely beautiful, and who would have the guts to actually install it in their house, or restaurant or hotel?

First off, let me clarify that DDC is a place for discovering the cutting edge of all fabulous contemporary furnishings…new and classic, so you must put them on your list for stores to visit frequently. Their showroom hosted the 90th Anniversary Celebration of Venini glass which I attended recently. They also represent SANTABROGLIAMILANO and the fabulous SIMPLICITY COLLECTION by ENNIO AROSIO.

This entire collection is based on using tempered glass in the construction of not only kitchens, but bathrooms and other pieces of furniture. Their philosophy is that glass, which is a strong, functional material, should be utilized in place of wood, or stone or steel. They believe that glass, basically an invisible material, also unifies and simplifies the space. We have all seen how the expanded use of glass has been used in architecture in recent years in a similar fashion. Well now this concept is available for the willing in their homes or in commercial projects.

I have to admit it is the ultimate in drama for a kitchen. I can’t imagine how one keeps it clean, as glass is certainly not forgiving when it comes to food spills and grease. But it is really, really gorgeous to look at. Perhaps if I had full time help and a life time supply of Windex I would indulge myself in a kitchen such as this. My salesperson at DDC told me they have installed this kitchen in a restaurant in New York City. Must go see it…bet it’s a dramatic addition to the restaurant design.

DEZIGN TIP: My thought is you do pieces of it…The sink and the cook top are divine and would look really hot on stainless steel counters. And then add other bits and pieces of the collection…the glass shelves are a ++ dezign addition to any kitchen, den or living room!

Here is a look at some of the other products in the collection. I think you will agree that this is truly “upside down design”, but with such elegance and flair you might be able to buy into just one itty-bitty piece for your own place. I am definitely ready for the sofa and the stairs!




BED                                                  BENCH                              BATH SINK

BATHTUB                                 SOFA                                      STAIRS