The Unbeatable Combo of Furniture and Fashion: Christian Lacroix Creates for Sicis Next Art

Now I understand why Christian Lacroix made such a splash on the couture fashion scene when he had his premier fashion show in 1987. His goal at that time was

to design clothing for women that was sexy and sumptuously bedecked with jewels,, fur, lace and all things highly feminine and flouncy.



Although no longer doing high end couture, Lacroix  has partnered with Sicis Art Mosaics to produce a line of furniture that is every bit as feminine and gorgeous as his exquisitely designed clothing.





Let’s be up front about something. His new furniture line is not for the feint of heart, but nor were the luscious creations he made for the fashion world. This furniture is bold and full of exotic detailing and sensuous lines. And it will definitely need comparable walls, floors and ceilings to compliment the big design statement it makes.




I know this might some a bit grandiose, but I love everything in the line.  Each piece is like an individual work of art and stands right up front and central on my dezign stage. These singularly designed pieces make me think of being in a gorgeous luxury vacation home, in some remote location, tucked “far away from the maddening crowd,” where opulence reigns and bold is the operative word. AND let’s not forget to add comfort and relaxation  high on the criteria list, something Lacroix states he considers greatly when designing furniture.





Being a big believer in strong gestures in interiors I am  100% behind furniture with a statement or story to tell. Why play it safe when you could live a tad on the edge? Think brocades, bold stripes, lace throws, mixed patterns, modern meets classic and you will begin to appreciate Lacroix’ design aesthetic. Lots of theatre, lots of passion and drama all mixed up into marvelous combinations.





I read that Lacroix  reached back into his own past, growing up in Arles, France, when he decided to design the line. Arles was a place where Roman and Byzantine antiquities  intermingled with 17thCentury houses and art history abounded everywhere in museums. He took a little taste from several different styles…neo-classical, baroque, kitsch, modern, and pop…and then mixed it all up into a perfect recipe.






Several of his sensuously designed pieces are highlighted subtly with mosaics from Sicis, making them exquisite jewel-like accents…think jewelry on a model…on his high fashion designs.

You have to agree the furniture pieces are beautiful and stretch your imagination to a new place….each piece ‘dressed to the nines,’ I would say!

More Info: Did you know Lacroix also does a line of fabrics, wallcoverings, rugs and cushions for Designers Guild? Great way to get just a small touch of this design genius’ talent in your home!