You know that famous statement, one picture is better than a thousand words, well I think that says it all when it comes to the NEXT ART COLLECTION from SICIS. I am going to confess that when I first saw the collection I was a little speechless. I mean it is really out there, and not for the feint of heart. However, I have recently spent a good amount of  time revisiting the collection and have decided that it must be admired on many levels. The first and foremost is in its fantasy design elements…just unbeatable! The second is their ingenious combination of exquisite glass mosaic tile and high end fabrics into wonderfully creative pieces of furnishings. NoJbody is doing this but SICIS.

Most of the highly designed pieces, where mosaics are combined with silk velvet fabrics, are produced in a limited edition of 200. Having worked with SICIS in the past on many a project, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you could  customize  any one of their designs to meet the requirements of your particular project or to create the piece of your dreams.

With that being said, I have selected my “favs” to show you.

Over sized flowers made out of precious silk velvet functioning as a cushion on a settee composed of lacquered wood and glass mosaic tile…you have got to give big thumbs up for creativity here.  Okay this is not for everyone…actually it is probably just for a very small audience, but wouldn’t you just say how terrific that piece of furniture would be if you saw it in some chic new boutique hotel? And the name of this lovely…Seduction. Only the Italians could pull this off, mixing  sex and furniture! Plus SICIS offers many variations on this flower theme:




There is the club chair called Tenderly…great as the “her chair” in a master bedroom! You would probably flip if it was in your $1000 a night suite in some fabulous hotel in Paris or Dubai!

There are the two versions of Symphonie…the bench and the chaise ( at the top of the post)…maybe you need a castle…maybe not, but if I had one I’d put one of these flower-power delights in it!

There are also some favoloso chairs that really stretch the imagination:


And some  faboloso chairs that only stretch the imagination a little bit:

And a stupendo collection of ottoman shapes that were dreamed up definitely over some seductive plate of malfatti (one of my most loved Italian pasta dishes):

A squisito sofa in the shape of an over sized leaf called Bloom. Plus some more ordinario…and I use that term loosely…club chairs and matching sofas  you can check out called Marcel + Cleo…yes, it always about romance with the Italians:

Not to leave you on a plain and ordinary note, but they also have some delisiozo pillows…the Italians call them “cushions/ cuscinos”… perfect if you are more timid about your dezign preferences and need to warm up to this  oh-so-ever bold approach to interior desgin:






Yes, a bit over the top, but so, so Italian, and so, so beautifully executed that in the end I have to admit that I find many of the pieces truly works of art.