There is a dream like quality to the exquisite digital-art photography created by Sandra Llano-Mejia.  Although dealing with reality, the images appear other worldly and ethereal.  I have seen her

past exhibitions and fallen in love with the way she subtly manipulates colors and forms into magical images.




LLano-Mejia’s most recent series is called “Tiempo De Sirenas” and it excellently demonstrates her skill at enhancing and redefining photography in order to create original works of art.   For those of you who do not speak Spanish, a sirena is a mermaid, and  the title is making  some reference, although not literally, to Greek Mythology and the infamous Sirens who seduced sailors  with their bewitching music and voices to shipwreck on their island.




Llano-Mejia  is a master of color and composition and always utilizes her extensive background in philosophy to employ new meaning to the ordinary. In this case, ordinary beach scenes become seductive, alluring…where/who are las sirenas?




She always chooses to print her final work on a metallic paper known as C Prints, as she has done with “Tiempos de Sirenas,” which gives her art another level of depth not found in ordinary photography.  Her attitude is always celebratory and jubilant and she seems to be seeking  to reinterpret some moment in life in a more expressive manner.




Up front the beauty of these photographs is amazing. I am particular fond of them when they are printed in a very large scale which allows the viewer to almost become a participant in what they are viewing and to interact with the moment of the photography.




The art world today has gone way beyond the use of ordinary materials and simple formats and subsequently reinterpreting what we think of as encompassing art. The computer and the camera has become an invaluable tool for artists to express how the world has become in the digital age.  Although ever influenced by the past and great masters in the art world, Llano-Mejia’s work exudes with the desire to integrate new technology into her talents as an artist in order to reveal her understanding and vision of the world we live in it today.




A LITTLE HISTORY:  Llano-Mejia hails originally from Colombia, and studied and taught in Mexico. She has had many exhibitions all over Latin America, including Mexico, Costa Rica and very recently in Bogotá, Colombia.  This t exhibition was an interactive performance-art exhibition called “Danza-Compendium,”  at the Galleria de Julio Mario Santo Domingo, featuring her amazing over sized digitally enhanced photographs of tango dancers. Her New York debut  several years ago was an exhibition entitled  “Midnight Tango.”  Llano-Mejia is also in the permanent collection of MoMA, where her video art installation , “In-Pulso,” has been featured in the past in an exhibition of other Latin American artists on the forefront of video art.

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COMING EVENTS: If you are interested in seeing some work by Llano-Mejía she will be presenting a performance installation called “Entre Fantasmas.” This performance  will be presented by Gustavo Carvajal and revolve around  Roberto Bolaño, one of the most famous Chilean authors of our time, and his connection with Edna Lieberman.  This is Llano-Mejía’s first installation of her Criaturas-Creadoras y Bestias del Siglo XXI / Hibrides y Transgresores series of performance art and can be seen at the Institúto Cervantes  in New York City on October 9, 2013.


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!