Goin’ light today…but I bet you will relate super big-time…especially if you are a bedding-nut like I am.

So the best thing happened to me this week…I got new sheets for my bed! Easy aren’t I? Throw some fresh linen on my bed and I am yours forever. Okay, so don’t be shy, I know that you know just what I am talking about. The only thing better than fresh cold sheets on a bed are BRAND NEW fresh cold sheets on the bed!!!


I have the good fortune to have a fabulous source for fabulous Italian made bedding, CASA DEL BIANCO. They are a little bit of an interior designers’ secret, and they’ve been my main ‘sheet squeeze’ ever since they opened on Lexington Avenue in NYC several years ago…I actually call them “an Italian dream” when it comes to fine bedding.

I always collaborate with them and try to come up with my own personal touch. Last time I designed an interpretation of a scroll pattern that I executed in deep chocolate brown, robin’s egg blue and cream. That chocolate brown- blue combo is sublime.

Then I had a dream about totally covering my duvet with quotes about sleeping and love from Shakespeare. Lupe and Fabrizio from Casa del Bianco looked at me cross- eyed…but only for a moment. They never say no to creativity.
In the end, I did a 360 and abandoned W.S. for a short Italian expression (the old “less is more” theory) : PER FAVORE MI AMORE ADESSO A LETTO…gonna let you check that out on Google Dictionary, but Fabrizio assures me it’s a double entendre in Italian, and definitely amoroso.

As you can see I opted for a beautiful yellow-green this go round… wanted to completely break out of the white sheet-box. Totally in love with the whole thing…and the message on the sheet just tickles my dezign juices. I think this could be the beginning of some sort of a trend…hmmm…

P.S. Thumbs up from the husband!

Ciao,ciao ’til next time!