I often find today that my clients are totally unaware of the marvelous wallpaper options available to them.  I’m not talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper, or even your mother’s for that matter.  I’m referring to

the outrageously creative alternative wall coverings being produced by small artisan companies but slated for the broad spectrum design market.


One company that has been filling this design slot is a company called TROVE. Their wallpapers are highly sophisticated designs executed in unconventional scale and patterns that really have a WOW affect on the walls.


THINK BIG  when you think of TROVE. Think pink winged ravens floating in the sky.  Think over sized blooms and branches gracefully traversing down a wall. Think soft abstract images of the sky and the ocean covering your walls. Think whimsical photographs printed floor to ceiling.   These are but some of the patterns beautifully executed by TROVE.


I love the soft colorations, the juxtaposition of an antique chandelier swinging on a damask background, the over scaled designs.  Actually you might remember I featured a TROVE paper in a post I wrote last December about the Holiday House (see  HOLIDAY HOUSE, NYC 2011 .)


TROVE is not just another pretty face on the wall.  You have lots of options with the line, including total color and design customization, as well as printing the sublime patterns on a natural wood veneer. TROVE  also has a line called Marquee, where they emboss glass beads into their patterns, just to add a little more “zsazs” on your walls.  Then there is the Eco-friendly Redux line , which is composed of  recycled material , PVC free and has the durability of vinyl wall covering.


If you look in the dictionary for the definition of trove it will say “a collection of things.”                   TROVE wall coverings are indeed a treasure trove  of the finest wallpapers available in today’s contemporary marketplace.