A favorite Italian city of mine is Turino, Italy…it’s so classic with it’s narrow streets, old buildings hovering on top of each other, and the wonderful wide opened plaza surrounded by shops hidden under tall, arched passageways…plus the best chocolate shops in the world !

I’ve visited friends of mine here many times, but last January I got to go up into the mountain areas of Sansacaria and Sestrierre,where they held the Olympics a few years back.  The mountains are breathtaking and the solitude infectious.  To have the opportunity to ski down an Olympic run and then indulge in a hot chocolate like no other I have known … I think they just melt pure chocolate and pile it high with fresh whipped cream… was pure heaven. Nice to know paradise still can be found on this earth!

Dezignwise, I adored the decor of the hotel where I stayed , The Golden Palace (though I am not lovin’ the name…sounds like a Chinese restaurant). Totally done in a contemporary style with heavy Asian accents, the suites are elegant and full of unique  touches.




the door hardware (so very Italian, and by Valli & Valli )

and check out the ceiling  molding detail… definitely gonna steal it for some future project!

And  in the dining room the use of textured wooden walls and patterned iron doors, plus upholstered banquets with matching upholstered walls were all very effective … Wonder how some of that would work in a private home????



Ciao, ciao “til Thursday!