Let your mind wander and imagine an area rug that looks hand woven, and is totally washable, and is made out of discarded materials.  Hard to imagine anything very beautiful, isn’t it?  Sounds a bit like a camp project your son or daughter brought home and you had to use “just because,” if you know what I mean.  Now imagine all of the same qualities and add to this picture beauty, functionality, originality and the  OMG factor.


CLAUDIA ARAUJO, the artist/weaver from Brazil, produces some truly clever rugs and pillows that are just the ticket for “zsazsing” up those places in your house that have been relegated to ordinary store bought products. By combining scraps from the fabric industry and 100% recycled PET (Polyester Fiber/ Polyethylene ) or PVC and throwing in a touch of cotton she brews a magical woven fiber.  Sometimes the mixture includes banana fiber, or waxed “rami” ties from coffee sacks, or “piaçava”  from broom factories, or leftover textiles with elastane     ( think swimsuits), all added to give either softness or durability  or water resistance to the fiber.

I discovered her work at a wonderful contemporary carpet source … and one of my favorites, SACCO CARPET in New York City. SACCO CARPET has a reputation for carrying cutting edge floor coverings and this certainly is one of them.  I couldn’t help but ask what I was looking at when I discovered the rug samples sitting on the showroom floor.  I was told that each rug is handmade and customized, like a weaving by an artist for the wall.  And the types and colors and patterns are almost limitless.

The black and white rug at the top of the post is called  Broinha Irregular, and it can be as large or as small as you desire it to be. I adore it’s irregularity, and think how great it would be in a guest room of a country house.  Then there is the Cabeludo, made from polyester fabric selvage,  which is totally water resistant. How fabu would one be in a bathroom or kitchen?  Ta-ta to those fuzzy-wuzzy bathroom rugs and rubber mats by the kitchen sink. High tier dezign has finally replaced dezign dullness!


Here are a few more of the wonderful patterns and textures available at SACCO CARPET from the versatile designer, CLAUDIA ARAUJO:




I really don’t think you can beat these beauties for practicality, a big touch of the green factor, and  design impact!