If you venture into  Ted Boerner‘s showroom, in the Design Building at  200 Lex in NYC you will be tantalized by  positively outrageous wall coverings that are not for the feint of heart. They are designed by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, of  the edgy Glasgow company called Timorous Beasties (the name comes from a Robert Burns’ poem called “To a Mouse” …pronounced moose),  renowned for surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers. The WOW FACTOR is huge, but you will either get it and love it or not…AND I happen to adore them!

Particularly tantalizing is the pattern called “Iguana”, depicting gigantic iguanas twirling from vines along with other tropical creatures. The “push” is great…I mean, didn’t we all root for King Kong at the end of the movie?  So sometimes you are big and ugly and scary, but deep down you are really a beautiful creature…get it?  And the color sense of the wallpapers are fantastic. Plus they are a wonderful foil for contemporary  furniture.

And for those who can’t quite wrap their heads around the “beastiality” of the  “Iguana,” there are plenty of more playful patterns that will tickle your sense of humor and intelligence, such as “Picture This”,” Grand Thistle”, “Euro Damask”, or “Oriental Orchid.”  Anyway  you do it, my suggestion is go bold color-wise…love the purple thistles…the gold frames on the brown and black damask background… and feel proud for having such a sophisticated design palate!




You know my design motive...live it, love it, go for it!