There is nothing prettier than a beautiful collection of colorful mid-century vintage modern glass.The shapes are exotic and the colors so very  intense. I liken the experience to looking at goodies in a bakery window, as the glass almost looks edible, because it is so very pretty and really exquisite in a simplified way. My favorite source for this dezignlicous glass is

from a dealer named DAMON CRAIN and his company,  VINTAGE MODERN GLASSHOUSE.


DAMON knows more than a thing about vintage  contemporary glass, and is recognized as a leading expert in this field.  He has been published in innumerable magazines nationally and internationally, and is the “go to” person for many major collectors.



He specializes in two types of vintage glass:  BLENKO GLASS from the late 40’S  through the mid 70’s as well as  mid-20th  century EMPOLI GLASS.   All of this artisanal glass is hand blown, and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors.   There are even floor size vessels that are truly unique and quite outstanding.



I love using VINTAGE MODERN glasshouse  in my clients’ homes. I have yet to find a client that didn’t respond positively to the glass.  And,  besides it’s a ‘twofer‘…not only are the pieces great accessories to fill your shelves with, but they have a bit of design history behind them,, which adds an inherent value that cannot be found from ordinary accessories.


I   have lined the top of kitchen cabinets with a collection of tall glass decanters, placed pieces in bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as used pieces to complete a handsome dining room cabinet made from ebony macassar wood. The final look has always been super wonderful and complementary to the interiors.

HOT TIP:  PLUS here is the best news of all:  The average price range for these wonderful pieces is from $200 to $1000!  Now that is great Bang For Your Buck for irreplaceable glass that is anywhere from 35 to 65 years old.

So, either go ASAP to the web site, or contact DAMON CRAIN directly and make an appointment to see his fabulous collection at his studio at

And if you have any questions about the glass pieces, Damon will fill you in from A to Z!