Always being on the prowl for unusual dezign, I was tickled pink when I came across  VOOS. Located in the hot, outer borough of Brooklyn…where there sometimes seems to be more going on in the design world than here in ol’ Manhattan, VOOS  is

committed to showcasing the greatest and latest in contemporary furniture and lighting design manufactured here in New York City.

Now don’t go expecting run of the mill furnishings.  VOOS prides itself on its keen eye to find the edgy and energetic designs of emerging and established designers willing to take risks with their designs.

They see themselves as the main supporter of local talent in the NYC metropolitan area and the discoverer of small and highly unique designers that might not get the visibility they deserve without the support of VOOS.

I like this.  Fresh ideas from fresh designers. Unearthing the new and different for one and all to see. What could be more exciting?

I have included a bunch of pictures of some of my favorites, but the extent of the pieces available through  VOOS is much, much deeper.


So, I would call them and make an appointment to see the breadth and depth of the different talented designers they represent. I guarantee you that if you are in the market for a piece of beautifully crafted contemporary furniture or lighting  you are guaranteed to find it here.

NICE PARTING THOUGHT:  Quote from VOOS’ website: “And yet, somehow it just comes down to how it feels, how furniture becomes silent friends in our homes.”
  Nice, right?