We are not really that old, actually just a small child in the Blogworld, and perhaps not really ready for a facelift, but any good blog worth it’s weight in gold should always stay on the cutting edge and try to reinvent itseslf so that it looks better to their readers.

Being bombarded by the dezignworld day in and out, one just can’t help but feel a little freshening up every once and awhile is good for the spirits and hopefully keeps those creative juices flowing.

As with any good facelift, the changes are purely subtle and decorative and intended only to make your experience with us more fun and enjoyable!

We will continue to search this great big world of ours hunting for all those wild and wonderful stories about art and design that are noteworthy, super interesting and fabulous…after all, what would life be without a few phenomenal infusions of “way-out-there-pushing-the-envelope-if-I-don’t-have-it-I’ll-die-I-don’t believe-it” moments to help us dream and escape the hum drum of our daily routines…

Hope you think we went to right dezign doctor

AND,  Big thanks to A.S.V.P. for just the right picture for today’s post!