VALUE …VALUE…VALUE! And value is not always a numerical amount, it is a PLEASURE QUOTIENT. Every designer has to worry about budget, but our real job comes in adding value. When is it appropriate to ask a client to push the envelope and leave their comfort zone? In every project there comes that moment when the right piece comes into focus as the “IT” piece – the “WOW” piece. In your heart you know that your client will NEVER, EVER walk into the room and regret the purchase.

As a designer you have to “KNOW WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM” and “KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM”… and here is an example of playing the hand just right:
We weren’t even looking for furnishings. We were knee- deep in sheet rock and rewiring when I discovered this outrageously gorgeous VENETIAN CABINET from the 1960’S that was a show-stopper. My clients just had to have it. How did I know? I mean we hadn’t even picked out paint colors! My reaction was totally visceral, and, after all, my clients trust me. I can smell it/ taste it/ see it instantaneously.

Here is my “TA DA” no-regrets piece. Isn’t it delectable?
Eternal thanks to my precious resource, Cosulich Antiques You have allowed me to deliver the “WOWS!”