Katherine Hepburn once said: “If you mind all the rules you’ll miss half the fun.” To cut to the chase: it’s okay to break a few “rules.”  Actually, it’s exhilarating to break a few rules!!!


I crave design that causes the quick inhale, that raises an eyebrow or prompts that smile. Call it whimsy; call it quirky; call it unexpected, but it provokes a physical reaction.

When I saw this chair, I immediately thought how playful it was.  It’s funky, but functional, and oh so comfortable.  The richly colored pattern on the outside surprises  you and gives it the POW… and I love the peg leg balancing act.  Is it Modern? Traditional? Primitive?… or really a great mixture of all three sensibilities?  Whatever, I am ordering two immediately!


And if you want to do so too, check it out ( and all of  the other wonderful stuff ) at Alexandre Angle Design Interiors.