WHADDA WE MEAN…. TO ADORN: verb \e-‘dorn\ Decorate, array, beautify, bedeck, bedizen, , doll-up, drape, dress, embellish emblaze, emboss, enrich, fancify, fancy-up, festoon, garnish, glitz-up, gussy-up, pretty-up, trim……and my very, very favorite…ZSAZS ( think Zsa Zsa)…from my very own lexicon!

In this category we will be “zsazsing”* floor to ceiling and everything in between. As our iconic “To Adorn” symbol, we chose one of the easiest and beautiful types of adornment… tiebacks… jewelry for the window. Hot Tip: Keep in mind when you adorn it is not the “how much,” but the “what” like mixing mink and   silver, bone and crystal.

Feast your eyes on some of the most fabulous tiebacks I have ever seen…all from a fabulously creative company called Spina Designs in London.

These tiebacks are contemporary, sophisticated and sensuous and playful.

Each one is so beautiful I am having a hard time selecting my favorite one…and this is just a small sampling of the “gorgeousness!”

***     The white mink pompom and solid silver chain.

***     The shards mother of pearl and crystal swagging over silk.

***     The bejeweled triple strand “necklace” of beads , bone , leather, and and crystal.

***      The over-sized “tutu” organza pouf.

***       The farmed pink Sardinian coral and rose crystals with Japanese silk bubbles.

***        The delightful  and fanciful black coque feathers, chenille bobbles and faceted crystal work.

AND THE GOOD THING is that you can always channel Vivian Leigh in Gone with the Wind and whip off your tassels and wear them!


* Warning: When “Zsazsing,” you run the risk of high blood pressure, fainting and mental anguish. DO NOT OVER-ZSAZS! If your Zsazsing lasts more than 4 hours call your Design Doctor Gail!!!!!