What do a can of Campbell Soup and a bottle of Campari have in common you ask? They are both parts pendant lights designed by Ingo Maurer Lighting in Germany. Okay, you say…show me!

There is no doubt that lighting design has gone to many extremes, some of which have been quite successful, others which leave me cold. However, I have to give a big thumbs up to the designers at Ingo Maurer Lighting for the design of these two pendants.  Their imagination and design sense just tilt the scales.




Here’s the nitty-gritty on each one of these lighting fixtures, which are both basically quite simple.  In my mind, the difficult part was in coming up with the idea to make them!  I think the tongue-in-cheek concept just took hold and before you knew it, two new lights were born.

The Campbell Soup can suspension light  was designed  in 2003…how have I missed this one?…by Christoph Mattias and Hagen Sczech for Ingo Maurer and is called Canned Light…how very fitting and funny too! The inspiration is obvious, the famous Campbell Soup can prints by Andy Warhol. Made of stainless steel, plastic and aluminum with a halogen bulb, how fun is it to hang over a counter in a kitchen. Just think art on an electric cord!  AND how simple a concept? Wish I had seen this one before I did my kitchen over in Fire Island!

The Canned Light also comes in a wall mounted variety…too fun!  Put them up in a child’s room or in a family room or any anteroom off of the kitchen, or ?  They really just put such a big smile on my face. Plus, the ceiling mounted version can be flush mounted right against the ceiling…just imagine them randomly scattered on a ceiling instead of those boring recessed hi-hats you see everywhere.

Now let’s get to the other fabu light called the Campari Lamp which was designed by Raffaele Celantano (Italian, of course) for Ingo Maurer. Believe it or not, it is composed of real Italian Campari glass bottles with Campari soda inside and then crafted into an adjustable pendant light. AND get this…the Campari soda is totally consumable, if you so desire to drink it! As I read on line “…you will only have to be able to resist the urge to drink the Italian Campari bottles!”  However,  I must add a note of warning to one and all, I  haven’t the slightest idea how that affects the functioning of the pendant, so you are on your own there!  Also, in case I piqued your interest in this lovely, the fixture takes a 75 watt bulb.

The fixture, which I have seen at my favorite contemporary design denizen, DDC, is actually quite stunning in spite of it’s unusual composition. So, if you have an open mind to decoration, and perhaps also a keen sense of humor about what “lighting” should be about, give this lighting classic some thought.  As for me, I am definitely going to give it thought for one of my dezign projects…hmmmm.

More Info About Ingo Maurer:  Ingo Maurer holds an esteemed position in the industry as a lighting designer  and collaborates with many talented designers from around the world. Check out this site for more information about him, and if you are in New York City, you can visit his showroom down in Soho, his only location in the US.
Ciao, Ciao ’til next time!