When one decides to participate in an interior design charity event there is no better feeling than satisfaction of a job well done. Working this year on DESIGN ON A DIME to help raise money for HOUSINGWORKS was extremely pleasurable. The design community is always super enthusiastic and supportive of well done efforts and this feel-good feeling definitely spills over into your work.  The other great thing  is that you get to interact with many people you have never  met before from the design industry.,

I have a sweet follow-up story related to that evening which I must pass on to all of you ………..

The story involves the CLICDINER CHAIR, a limited edition chair from TRESPA , which was in my vignette. The chair was donated by Robin Sanders from BOOSTMARKETINGNYC , who had won it at an ASID event. When I was scrounging around for donations and bemoaning my inability to find a great small modern chair she quickly came to the rescue and offered it. Truth be told, she adored it, but couldn’t find a place for it in her home and confessed to me it had been sitting in a closet for several months!

I didn’t even know what the chair looked like until we put it together…yes, you have to click pieces together to form an actual chair!  It was love at first sight, and I thought it simply was the perfect final design touch to the space.

Unbeknown to me,the Clicdiner Chair was purchased by Cindy Allen, editor in chief of INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE, and we  subsequently saw it  featured on their web site, DESIGNWIRE.  We couldn’t resist contacting Cindy to find out the true demise of the chair…was it for her? was it a gift for someone? was it going into her office or home? Cindy was kind enough to respond to our inquiries, and send us some great photos of our beloved click chair.

Fortunately for the chair,  it is now happily residing in her lovely home! It’s nice to know this iconic chair resides with someone who truly appreciates its design and originality.

Happy endings are always the best!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til Monday!