What’s Hanging Over The Cooktop In Your Kitchen? The Sorpresa Collection From Best

Guess what is hanging on the wall over the cook top in the kitchen pictured above? Believe it or not, it is one of the fabulous new range hoods that BEST has designed as part of their new Sorpresa Collection!


I would be surprised if you were not taken slightly aback and totally impressed with the new and classy designs in this product line. I certainly was when I saw the BEST display at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show  (see post).

Talk about cool and out there!  I completely stopped in my tracks  at the show…especially when I saw a marvelous hot retro looking beauty…and promised myself to tell everybody about them in a future post. Okay, folks, today is the day.



BEST likes to refer to these new range hoods as “…art made real, functional, and beautiful, in any space it calls home.”  I like that. Finally, there is a choice that isn’t just a big boxy vent hanging from the ceiling.  AND they all come with some sort of lighting feature too…either led or halogen depending on the model…an absolute must have feature for a range hood.


Listen to the cool names of these fabulous  sculptured range hoods:  Sphera, Vertigo Double, Gloss, Secret, Cirrus, Fusion, Intrigue, Sun, Lipstick, Dune, Eclipse, Modulare, Surf.  Sounds like a line of make-up you could purchase at Sephora!  The names are intriguing, and a tad sexy…love a little sex appeal in the kitchen…and conjure up visions of something remarkable.



Of course, I do have my favorites.  The Sphera is just so hot for a retro kitchen…something mid century, or 70’s/ 80’s ish. The Lipstick, with it’s bright red color and stainless steel accents is super sleek and extremely modern looking.

The Sun, with it’s totally flat profile,  hangs on the wall looking like a handsome steel sculpture instead of a hood. AND the Double Gloss just takes the cake with it’s sensual curves and high polished stainless steel finish.


I cannot skip over the Cirrus, as it’s”hidden in the ceiling” look is fabulous, especially if the view is what the room is all about…or you just can’t deal with a “range hood hanging from the ceiling-look!”

Thank you BEST, for not only having peerless products, but for going that extra mile and adding unbeatable design to a kitchen staple that hasn’t seen much creativity in a long time.

Simply can’t wait to design a new kitchen for a client and include one of these darlings in it!