Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to help you out by high tailing it over to one of my favorite museum stores, THE STORE, at MAD, aka MUSEUM OF ARTS AND DESIGN in NYC and do a little advanced hunting and pecking into some really cool gifts for the upcoming day for lovers worldwide, VALENTINES DAY. This way there is no excuse to give/get that ordinary box of chocolates!

Museum stores are terrific sources for unusual gifts with a bit of an artistic twist, and they have always been my stomping ground when looking for that special gift for a friend or loved one. I never fail to find something…plus, I usually discover some great finds for myself too!

With the help of the delightful personnel at THE STORE ( great name , by the way), I dashed about in search of only things red in honor of our dear St. Valentine, and would like to show them to you now.



This necklace caught my eye immediately. It’s simply gorgeous! It is designed by MARY KANDA, and I know anyone would look stunning in it!









If you don’t own a RED/ORANGE/PINK watch you should get one ASAP! How cool are these? They come from SLAPWATCH and would be a great fun to wear with jeans and like some.







You do own a cashmere scarf with some brilliant Chinese red, like this deliciously soft one, right? If not ,now you can. It comes from ANEMIRA in Turkey, and will make you feel like a queen!















Carry all of your Valentines Day cards in this good looking red and black leather tote…you do get more than one card, I hope? This lovely bag is designed by PAILLIE BAGS, and called the Pickens Tote. I assure you it will be fun to carry all year round, not just on Valentines Day.










A ring is a gift with a lot of commitment behind it. If you are fortunate enough to get this exquisite gold and semi precious stone ring designed by MIA LARA, count yourself a very lucky Valentine!











I adore the unusual, but sophisticated, and this red glass and gold chain necklace by NIRIT DEKEL from Israel falls right into that category. I think it will make that perfect little black dress or your favorite white blouse just sing!








Here’s a hot bracelet made out of acrylic from LISA AND SEAN REICO out of Canada. The design is contemporary and fun, and would add a great touch of glamour to any casual outfit.







And for those of you of a more practical nature, there is the self help book, “Where will you be five years from today?” from COMPENDIUM. Me, I hope I’m still here writing my blog and sharing all things wild and wonderful with you!









GREAT TIP#1: THE STORE has a great collection of sophisticated Valentines Day cards!

GREAT TIP #2: ‘tween 2/2 and 2/14 all jewelry is 20% off!