I have decided to have a regular post every once in awhile called ” WORTH IT’S WEIGHT IN GOLD.” The reason for this is that sometimes ONE piece of furniture is so terrific it merits it’s very own blog post. My first  post will be about this fabulous floor lamp from COSULICH  INTERIORS & ANTIQUES. Since I am the arbiter of good taste for DEZIGNLICIOUS  you will have to see if you agree with my dezign opinon, and I welcome any comments from one and all. Hope you like my first selection.

This beautiful floor lamp has been on my “A” List ever since I saw it at COSULICH  on East 60th Street in Manhattan. It’s a ceramic floor lamp produced in a majolica style by CERAMICA GATTI, an Italian company I wrote about before ( see ” Why Did I Call My Blog Dezignlicious???”. )The outside is enameled in white and and then the floral design of pure platinum is applied by hand.  It takes several coats of platinum and several firings of the lamp base and shade before the high gloss mirrored effect is created.  Then small flower buds of red are enameled into the design.

According to Fabienne Cosulich, the lamp was produced in the early 2000’s, so technically it is not really an antique.That info shouldn’t inhibit you from purchasing it, as beautiful dezign is beautiful dezign, old or new.

I think it is a real show stopper and simply stunning and with out a doubt very different from anything I have ever seen.  I’m mad for the way the over sized bulb sits above the “shade” of the lamp as if it is being served up in an elegant ceramic bowl. And the conical shape of the base just expands on the sleekness of the design.

Truth be told, the lamp is more like a sculpture that lights up than an ordinary floor lamp….but then when did I ever like anything ordinary?

This elegant Italian lady would be a shining star on the stage of any room. I’m thinking of showing it to one of my clients for their MBR…if I don’t just scoff it up for myself!