I am a great believer that big is better and strong strokes in design have great impact on the final results. I know it takes a great deal of courage to be able to


buy into this theory, but trust me, if you do you won’t be sorry. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to some of the best of the best when it comes to WOW wall coverings.

The company is CIRCA, a division of PHYLLIS MORRIS, and you can bet your boots that these wallpapers are simply fabulous in a room.

CIRCA is known for its unique contemporary furniture with a strong hint of retro 70’s look and lots of Hollywood Glam thrown in for good luck.  Their wall covering line is right there in the mix, with its dramatic, over scaled patterns in bold colors.



I recently used one of my favorites,  HOLLYWOOD GARDEN , which has a vintage grill motif and huge over sized red roses dancing up  and down the walls in an all white kitchen with great success. It made the room sing with joy and happiness and turned an ordinary apartment kitchen into a fabulous place to cook and dine.



A few years ago I used the INGENUE pattern on the ceiling  of a wood paneled library at the Hampton’s Designer Show House with tremendous success.  It created an unexpected strong pattern on the ceiling and took a very typical builder’s library to new heights…no pun intended!


The brains behind these marvelous wall coverings is Jaimie Adler,  who’s mother, Phyllis Morris  (aka “Designer to the Stars”)  founded the original company in 1953. Adler is the Design Director of the company and the inspiration behind these surrealistic  wall covering patterns based on iconic items.


The patterns are printed on the ground paper in such a way that production time is quite reasonable…and if you are in a rush the company is very accommodating.  Plus, the way the paper is printed it can be hung in either direction, so the decision is yours to make when you have it installed.





One pattern is more glorious than the next and the jewel toned colors just add to the sophistication and lusciousness. If you want to put some WOW…and maybe even maybe some POW…into a room here are some perfectly perfect ways to do it!