One day while perusing the New York Times Women’s Fashion Magazine I saw the picture above and thought to myself what fabulous jewelry the models were wearing…if you haven’t realized this yet I am nuts for artisan jewelry. The article attributed the “jewels” to KATE CUSACK.

Upon further research on line I discovered that Kate Cusack makes her jewelry totally out of zippers…yes zippers! Blue, green, black, red…the colors combined with the silver or gold teeth of the zippers have an unusual textural effect and create unique and imaginative “jewels” for those with equal taste.

Using some technique that I cannot even fathom, Cusack manipulates zippers like they are supple materials meant to adorn the neck and wrists or to fancy up a dress or jacket. They are wrapped, spread, turned, and folded until they are no longer zippers but appear like beads and bangles. I am truly impressed with her abilities and creativity…aren’t you?

 Cusack   describes the inspiration behind her jewelry as   trying to create an “a-ha moment” for the viewer, something so intrinsic to the creative process of all good design work:

“There is an exciting “a-ha” moment when someone realizes that there is more to the design they are looking at–from sponges to saran-wrap to zippers.All of my experiences from costume design, to window display and sculptural/wearable creations culminate in the Zipper Jewelry. They all relate to the body, and combine theatrical influences and my love for the transformation of unusual materials”

In my ever lasting desire to bring to you what I consider the wild and wonderful things I find on my hunts I’d like to give out with a big “Hip Hip Hooray” to Cusack’s  ingenuity ! By the way, you can easily order her jewels on her web site…you know that I’ve already ordered mine.






Ciao, ciao ‘ til next time!